Yusmarg – Meadow of deers

Previously known as “Roosmarg” which means “Meadow of deers”, Yusmarg is around 47 kilometers from Srinagar and lies in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir. Grassy pastures spread over acres of land, the dense alpine forests filled with pines and firs, surrounded with snow-capped mountains take you out of this world. Yusmarg litarally means “Meadow of the Jesus”(peace be upon him). It is believed by the natives that Jesus (pbuh) passed through this valley while travelling into Kashmir. It is situated on the banks of the Doodhganga River, a branch of River Jhelum, nestled with majestic Pir Panjal peaks which include The Sunset peak and The Tratakutti peak. It lies at an altitude of 2396 meters above sea level.

Yusmarg is a potential gateway to a number of destinations. Frothing and crashing on its way over the rocks, the Dudhganga River makes a white foam like milk which gives it its name. It is the trekkers base for many peaks like the Trata-Kutti and Sang-Safed. A little ahead is Nilnag which is encompassed with hills. It is spectacular blue water lake 4 kilometers down from Yusmarg connected by a subdued path thought the thick forest. Tosamaidan is another major trekking route to Yusmarg. It is a huge grassy pasture used for grazing of cattle by the shepherds. Sang Safed Valley (White Rocks valley) is an absorbing one. The rocks of the mountain surrounding the valley are white in color and most of it is covered under ice throughout the year. Yusmarg mesmerizes tourists with its scenic meadows, a sparkling reservoir and mountains compared to the European Alps. It is a paradise with great opportunity to explore a lot of places.

Yusmarg is an ideal place to visit any time of the year. The temperature is comfortable and ideal for sightseeing ranging between 12 to 32 degrees Celsius in summers. Autumn is cooler and sees a lot of tourist traffic during that period. The inflow of tourist into the Kashmir valley has seen the diversification of tourism into this amazing destination. Yusmarg is generally advised as a one day trip to be enjoyed by the tourists.

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