Why travel with GR Travel?

GR Travel began perfecting the art of the extraordinary vacation with a simple idea… include nearly everything. We understand that each traveler has its own needs, tastes, and preferences; we offer handcrafted vacations so that all these needs and expectations from Kashmir are met. Value has made GR one of the Kashmir’s most respected and leading tour operators. Join us once, and you’ll understand why our customers return again and again to travel with us.

What’s type of experiences do you offer?

We are dedicated to providing our guests the best value and most enjoyable vacation possible. Our journey specialists are the best in the business, blending years of experience with new and innovative ideas to create exceptional travel itineraries. We make all the arrangements for hotels, houseboats, cabs, flights, gondola cable car, meals, entertainment and sightseeing.

Is there any free time?

We realize travelers have different ideas of the perfect vacation and enjoy pursuing their own interests. Ample free time is worked into your GR vacation to afford you the freedom to shop, sightsee, dine or relax.

What is “lifeseeing”?

GR leads the way in the creation of innovative travel itineraries. We know you want more than to just see the famous places – you expect to get to know the people and experience the culture. We call this “lifeseeing,” a concept GR has always included in our tours. Because it’s not only the places – it’s the people that make each of our vacations so memorable. We know Kashmir well, and our experience result in handcrafted itineraries and comprehensive sightseeing – if it should be included, it is. You’ll see the famous and romantic spots, but with GR, you’ll also discover out-of-the-way places and meet people that you would miss on your own. We’ll also show you scenic landscapes and natural wonders, magnificent architecture and monuments and the people who make their homes in the bustling cities and quiet country hamlet. Travel to enjoy a “lifeseeing” vacation with GR.

Do we meet the local people?

One reason our guests travel is to meet new people who are part of the culture of each destination. You’ll visit quiet mountain villages and bustling markets which are the essence of daily life in many countries. Meet the shopkeepers and vendors, artists, farmers and gentry. You won’t just see the local people from the window of a tour vehicle; you’ll have the opportunity to meet them. Join a GR tour and make friends with the world.

What types of hotels are offered?

We believe in comfort and pleasure while on tour, so we select your accommodations based on ambience and location. We take great care in selecting hotels that provide our guests the greatest comfort and service as well as value. Careful planning, research and on-site inspections are woven into the selection of each property – many famous in Kashmir.

How is the food?

We start off with not including any food in your tour before we understand your preferences. Once you give us your preference and confirmation to include food, you have an opportunity to sample traditional fare and experience local customs. Enjoy a la carte dining, a variety of planned menus, buffets and regional specialties. Savor unique dining experiences in the open amid breathtaking scenery. On your GR vacation, most meals when included complete with coffee or tea and dessert. Some meals are left unscheduled to allow you the freedom to explore on your own and visit local restaurants.

Is it really “sightseeing at its best”?

Why do people travel? To see the sights, of course! But why should you travel with GR? Because we know you want more than that. You want to experience the place, understand the culture and see Kashmir through the eyes of the local people. GR can make it a reality. Compare tours carefully, and you’ll see that GR includes more. We’ll introduce you to out of the way places and people that you would miss if traveling on your own. We know the world well, and we enjoy sharing its many nuances with our guests

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