Also referred to as the Nigara falls of Kashmir, the famous Aharbal fall is about 75 kilometers south of Srinagar. It being not that huge, however the amount of water that comes wobbling down the rocks does delight its audience. The apple orchards of Shopian look extremely serene while one is travelling to Aharbal. The blazing water at the fall is quite scintillating. Aharbal serves as a base for adventure travelers.

The Veshu River is stocked with a lot of trout fish offering a chance for angling. The alpine meadow of Kungwatan lies at the halfway point of the 2 day trek to high altitude Kounsernag Lake, which is the source of Veshu. Horse riding, photography and skiing during winters are few other activities to indulge in during the visit. A apart from the above offerings, the serenity of the location, beautiful rivers gushing through, tiny huts, and the ferns still remain attracting feature of Aharbal. The hillside, the scenery and the orchards reveal some fascinating faces of nature.

Ideal for a day excursion, food can be a problem for travelers as there are no accommodation or food services nearby. It is advised to carry food while travelling here. Aharbal offers the real adventure to its travelers in trekking, angling, photography, and many more.

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